Social Media News about sitetalk

After the huge outcries against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), the legislation was stopped at the last instant. The war between privacy and piracy goes on however, and new laws are expected to be put before congress within a very short time. The interesting fact is the power demonstrated by primarily the social medias in creating the protest storms that stopped SOPA.

Load of online account completed

We have now completed the backlog of "load my online account" requests that were submitted up to midnight 31st January. For all those who made a request and upgraded their "free membership" to Bronze or Gold before midnight 6th February, it is required that you send an email to by no later than 16th February, including your user name, ID number, and state Bronze or Gold. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANOTHER EMAIL AGAIN. Within the recognition programme up to the 31st January, we will award OFC's for the achievement of the Bronze/Gold status in the week 20th - 25th February. After completion of this process, all Members who within the new recognition programme are to be awarded "Merits" will have their Merits displayed in their Back Office the week commencing 27th Feb.

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