Android reaches 500,000 device activations per day

Android activations are growing 4.4% week-to-week. This is a significant number because it means that Android is gaining momentum heading into the slower summer buying season and later this year into the back-to-school and holiday busy seasons. This may well be seen as an indication that the summer is no longer a sleeping period, but actually good for e-business. 

Facebook looses 6 million users in the US

Facebook in the United States lost nearly 6 million users, falling from 155.2 million at the start of May to 149.4 million at the end of it. This is the first time the country has lost users in the past year. Canada also fell significantly, by 1.52 million down to 16.6 million. In the light of Google's launch of Google+ it will be very interesting to see if Facebook keeps its dominating position over the months to come. 

Google joins the social world

With a worldwide launch of the new service Google+, the search engine giant has now made their official entrance into the world of social networks. The entrance of Google into the business will no doubt create an even bigger media hype, and is definite proof that the business we are in is still growing and is expected to continue to grow for years to come. 

Pending Sitetalk members

Pending Sitetalk members
Due to a substantial increase of questions relating to pending Sitetalk members, our response time has not been to our normal standards. We are very sorry for this and assure you that we will answer all queries as soon as possible. Should your new contact be planning to make a purchase of any of the advantage packages, it is currently faster to sign up through Sitetalk members that experience problems with pending status can contact support by selecting the category Business Building Support Queries and write in Subject: “Pending Sitetalk member”. Then provide the Customer Support with the username, email address, member ID and please also include details regarding referrer and placement. Please help us by informing your team about this as soon as possible so we can help more efficiently. During a transition period, the activation will still take a few days. We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. This challenge will be eradicated very soon.

Sitetalk Unaico News Update about 1BV Bonus

Last week a strategy meeting was held at the new 7000 square feet head office here in Singapore. It was a great success, and we are all delighted to share with you some of the highlights from the topics discussed:
  • A board of directors has been founded for Unaico, which will have the responsibility for the strategy of the company.
  • An improved communication department is now being implemented, in order to both improve and increase the communication with you all. Results of this will start to show very soon.
  • The second phase of the 1 BV program is being finalized, and the target launch date is set for August.
  • Improvements are being made in the SiteTalk and Unaico systems, in order to minimize the waiting time, as well as improve the overall user experience.
  • New payment system gateways, providing you all with access to payment solutions, will be introduced shortly.
  • As per our members request, we have created a completely new backend system, which will be fully functional at the end of September, with key improvements introduced at regular intervals prior to this date. This system will solve the challenges from the past, and will greatly help you to increase the member base beyond 100 million users!
This summer we will both introduce and conclude many projects for both SiteTalk and Unaico and we are very excited. Stay tuned for more information and have a great summer! 

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