The greatest business opportunity of our time

Every now and then, maybe twice or three times in a lifetime, an opportunity comes along that has the potential to change your life in a pivota lway. They are usually to do with fundamental changes in the technological landscape, or political, social, and economic frameworkof our lives. For instance, to give a specific examples, something asconcrete as the microwave oven, something no one had, became a universal appliance that everyone has. If you are forty years old, if you stop to think about it, you can remember a time when you did not have a mobile phone, but if you are younger than that a mobile phone and permanent connectivity is something you have always had. Computers is the same paradigm-shifting product. And the Internet even more so.

Did you make a fortune on microwave ovens, mobile phones, computers or the Internet?

If you didn't, you know exactly what we are driving at here. And if you did, you understand even more so.

In our time, the number one business opportunity in the world is not the web, it is web 2.0.

Web 2.0 and Social Networking

According to Microsoft we have passed a significant watershed: now for the first time people are spending more time online than they spend watching television. For the younger generation this is self-evident, and for the older folks something that is hard to get our heads around. The fundamental shift in how the web is driving business is this: at first it was largely about creating a network that was a meaningful communication platform; then it became about driving traffic, SEO(search engine optimisation) and getting eyeballs on websites; but the trend now is in how people on the web are connecting to each other and how in that process they are largely creating the content of the web. Social Networking Communities, well deservedly, is recognised by analysts and pundits as a force of change that is literally unimaginable in its scope.

Unaico is giving you the opportunity to be part of this revolution and capitalise on it directly -- to make money on a certain world-changing trend.

How would it work for you

SiteTalk.com is our Social Networking Community platform. In the first instance you would join as a member of Site-Talk and enjoy the networking, communication and sharing opportunities built into our state of the art platform de-signed by award-winning developers.

Over time you would recommend it to friends and family, people you know today and people in the future you don't know yet. Over time, though the geometric progression inherent in how networks work, with a few people finding a few people who in turn find a few, you will build up a vast network of people, the majority of which you wouldn't even know. As products and services are made available to to the dozens, hundreds and thousands of people in your SiteTalk net-work, sales would be generated and on this sales-volume commissions would be calculated... and given to you as a thanks for bringing these members to our community.

Sounds too simple?

Consider this: Facebook after four years has 400 million members. In four years! How did every single one of them join? Because someone recommended it. Word of mouth in the 21st century...

What sort of opportunity "range" is there here?

The majority of members of Unaico will, ultimately, just be social members enjoying the benefits of using the platform. The commission plan for the ones that opt into the opportunity might "just" qualify them for purchases of occasional goods or services -- free bonus items or gifts, call them what you will, but a free insurance, debit card, hotel stay or nutritional supplement is a nice way for us to say, "Thank you for recommending our community."

Others will see that what was at first a surprise bonus, turned into a trickle, and then grew into a steady stream of sup-plemental income. And just with a little bit of maintenance this supplemental income could grow, changing someone'sbreak-even budget into a real lifestyle changer. The difference between having a holiday this year or not, between taking your wife out for dinner this week or not, between having an old car or a new one.

Of course, in a community that numbers millions of members, literally thousands will approach the Unaico opportunity in a serious manner, and put in significant effort to earn a significant primary income. And finally, there will be the few that approach it totally differently --they will see that opportunities like Unaico only come along once or twice in a lifetime. These people will commit and will make Unaico the vehicle with which to fulfill their dreams. We anticipate that we will create more millionaires than any other company in Direct Selling hasdone; we believe that we will give dot-com millionaire numbers a run for the money.

What can a person expect to earn?

We don't give income projections in a simplistic fashion. It is impossible. Like most menus will tell you, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you put 20 items on eBay you know that you will get some sales, but it is impossible to say how much. And significant commissions usually involve significant efforts.

What is the timing and why is it so powerful?

The timing is phenomenal. Everyone is getting online. Everyone online is going to be a member of multiple communities.

Consider that using an online community at the centre of the business model gives you a number of benefits in Direct Selling terms: like never before can you have a fast friction-free method to add people to your business; you have no geographical limits to how you can expand your business Globally; you have built in to the business an automatic communication, coordination and training platform; you have a thing you are promoting that everyone is interested in, as social communities and web 2.0 is what everyone is talking about now; and finally, in terms of duplicatable process and helping new people get started and getting early success, the one thing that people have to do to be successful is what they join a social community to do -- get their friends to join the programme to enjoy a free and life-enhancing service.

What support will you get

* Training.
* Free back office.
* Promotional tools.
* Company sponsored events.
* Industry-leading recruitment materials.
* Car programme for qualified distributors.
* The best compensation plan in the industry. Probably.
* Motivational incentives, like trips to exotic tropical paradise destinations.
* A whole team of people, both in corporate and in your upline network, 100% dedicated to your success.

What skills do you need?

* Desire.
* Everything else is included in the Unaico opportunity.

How would I get started?

* Decide.
* Speak to the person who invited you.
* Read the materials in the relevant sections of the website.
* Go to a live training.
* Invite people to join SiteTalk. They will be automatically be positioned in your downline. And as they invite people, so will your organisation grow.


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