Message Of Dan Andreson about Maintenance of Servers.

The IT team are working flat out to get our systems back up to speed after the phenomenal member acquisition created by Phase 1 of the 1BV programme. 

We are putting new IT teams in place in several different Global locations and working multiple shifts in Singapore IT department. Our focus is to get the basic sign-up on both SiteTalk and Unaico smooth and friction free, make sure the OFC platform is robust, and obviously that payments are processed accurately on time. The follow up on past errors and mistakes is also on the list of priorities. 

Thanks for your continued patience, 

Dan Andersson
Unaico Holding Ltd 

PS: It was brought to my attention that we have had several instances of browser issues, i.e. Firefox was working for signups, and Mosaic and Explorer (IE) wasn't. Also, interestingly, different versions of IE was giving a different result. My tip of the day: update your browsers to be the latest versions! But IT are working on it and it appears that sign-up is working again across most or all platforms.

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