Sitetalk Unaico 1BV, Triumph and Challenge

With immediate effect we are concluding phase 1 of the 1BV programme.
We have now almost 8 million SiteTalk accounts.
408 days (without 1BV programme) to get to 1million member accounts
28 days to 2 million
14 days to 3 million
10 days to 4 million
7 days to 5 million
5 days to 6 million
4 days to 7 million is ranked #2,776 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic
rankings. This places us higher than some of the largest companies in the direct selling

We have paid out millions of 1BV commissions in the seven weeks of the promotion’s phase
1, and we are delighted to have done so.
The promotion grabbed the imagination of hundreds of thousands and the activity levels went
through the roof. We totally under-estimated the power the promotion would have and also
the pressure this would create on our systems and IT architecture. It high-lighted problems
we have never had before and has acted as an amazing stress-testing exercise for all of our

We have learned an incredible amount about our strengths and weaknesses. Some of it good.
Some of it not so good.

One of the challenges highlighted by it all is that we had inadequacies in the area of
verification and fraud prevention. People have taken advantage of the promotion and through
the creation of fake accounts have sought to profiteer and gain rewards without adding any
value what so ever.

Frankly, one of the things it has taught us is about the pressure created by merging a social
network and direct selling opportunity, and we have to scale up and ramp up our Member
Support and IT infra-structure accordingly.

We now need to go back the drawing board, take onboard all that it has taught us, improve
our systems and processes, implement and plan, scale up human and IT resources, and get
ready for phase 2 of the 1BV promotion. There will also be a fair amount of cleaning up of
issues and challenges created over the last seven weeks, and we would ask you for your
continued patience. Our thinking about this is to use similar dynamics to reward the creation
of SiteTalk communities, but this time give you tools and techniques to really drive it, and
drive it without the challenges you will have experienced in the last few weeks.
This is not a process that will be measured in a few short days, but certainly weeks. We
anticipate that the next phase will roll out within eight weeks, but we will keep you posted.
One of our key learnings is that communication was probably our greatest failure – we will
not let that happen again.

In the meanwhile, we thank you for your passion and enthusiasm. Our business model
continues to prove itself and our company has never been stronger. Our success is linked,
yours and ours – we know this and live with this truth in our hearts. Our commitment back to
you is that we do everything we can to safeguard our and your business, and together we will
take this right to the top.

What we know now, beyond any doubt, is that we together have the power to build a business
that will unify the World and give opportunity to All.

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