Pending Sitetalk members - Cross Sign

When some members create their accounts on sitetalk their account is setup successfully but they  not showed in downline or Network Tree. They just show in "Your Personal Sitetalk Members" and in front of their name Cross Sign X shows.This is not a problem at all dont worry about that these are your pending members they will soon show in your downline or Network Tree . Sitetalk Unaico is upgrading their systems and creating a policy from which FAKE Accounts on sitetalk would remove without any complaints. In pakistan, bangladesh and many other asian countries many members create FAKE account to grow their income after ending of this upgradation process Each member must provide their Mobile Phone no for Account Verification.
Dear members. Due to on-going system enhancements and verification methods in Sitetalk and Unaico sign-up processes, some of the new SiteTalk users could be placed into the pending queue for registration in the Unaico system. Sitetalk users that experience these problems must contact support with their user names and email addresses so It Management can identify and help out. Please help IT Management of Sitetalk and Unaico.


  1. Sounds good.
    -- here are some comments make me unhappy-- my 2,00o euro has disapeared inside UNAICO, no trace.. no support reply in over 72 hours, still waiting?
    Whats the use of all this work if your Platform does not work? Your management needs help? OK, let me know and I will try.
    Theodor Basch, theoblabs
    =================== see this english from chinese comment, its relevant: intends to attract members from the public.
    If there are high risks, the warning sound is quite nature and is of responsible attitude as normal people. The’s publicity now influences our family members, our relatives, our friends, our colleagues.
    Some people feel it is really annoying because of the harassing persuasions from friends.
    If it is a problem, the more people are involved, the consequences are bigger.
    If is really good, it is not necessary to spend enormous time in promoting .

    One year passed, some people really feel the site platform did not have much progress.

    The possible reason is that organization does not have enough resource to improve the
    platform or even does not to consider to invest more funds to do so.

    Also, we are not just commenting on the website. Everyone including me hopes this website becoming popular.

    But the thing is that the popular of one website does not equal to high profitability.

  2. what do u mean by fake account and how can dy check weather account is fake or real


Senior Management