Sitetalk Unaico Validation Error

While Upgrading Process Of Sitetalk and Unaico Many Users cant Make their accounts on sitetalk and unaico. Whenever they wants to create account Validation Error Occurs. Hopefully this process will complete in one or two weeks.

Why Validation Error Occurs?
This is due to the high signup volume and user traffic. Members of sitetalk are growing Day by Day IT department of Unaico are Facing Many Difficulties in Mainting System. So they are Upgrading their system to provide Best Service to All Sitetalk Members. Many New Features like Photo Tagging, Video Uploading , Automatic Photo Tagging, Mobile Services will expect to add in sitetalk social community after finishing Upgrade Process.


  1. Hi i could not select a country? why is this so? the country choices do not appear ??


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